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Amay Skin Clinic

About Us

We offer variety of treatments for both women and men. We offer you amazing services to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin in a very relaxing method. If you are dealing with any kind of skin or hair problem then, you will find the best skin care, hair care and body contouring procedures at Amay skin hair and cosmetic clinic.

We have wide span of services for skin glow, excess hair removal, body sculpturing and many more. Amay skin hair and cosmetic clinic has safe and the best solutions in the industry to meet your needs. We also can offer you safe skin care products for your regular beauty care regimen. We see each of our clients as special and unique while offering services with attention to detail.

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Amay skin, hair & cosmetic clinic provides quality services by well trained staff, with spacious waiting area, in-house pharmacy and with polite behaviour.






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